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The Effort :Create awareness, build engagement and increase online visibility for Botnlife every month on all the proposed social media platforms.Reach out to its potential and target audience that is currently online on the various groups, communities and forums. Build campaigns on various businesses on social media platforms to generate engagement & increase user base.

The Empower :: Organic reach and engagement for brands across Facebook, the Botnlife page has notched up good engagement and interactions. Engagement is growing day by day.Good engagement for generic related content such as Brand, knowledge content and tech savy content.Technical and market calls aren’t doing very well. In fact, hard core trading-related content, we believe, should be restricted to Twitter.On the competitive front too, Botnlife is doing as well or better than a lot of its peers in terms of engagement. 12% organic engagement even on a smaller base is a good achievement.7 % increase in one week for pinterest engagement and nearly 9% increase in twitter engagement is a remarkable growth in such a short span of time.

Facebook - Reviews

Instagram -

The rate of increase in engagement is quite commendable as with couple of weeks the figure is top notching -

  • It taps into an established consumer behaviour, building on top of what people are naturally doing, and not forcing users to do an extra effort to engage with the business
  • It takes advantage of user generated content, and not just for the sake of leveraging campaign turns into customers’ recommendations helping out to pick from the listing. That’s really important because customer reviews are significantly more trusted – nearly 12 times more.
  • It turns customers into advocates. Every brand is aiming to leverage the word of mouth potential that social networks offer, turning customers into advocates. Botnlife campaign does it by just guiding Instagram users’ activity, not by asking to do something extra ordinary.

The results are good so far:

  • Almost 49 posts have already been tagged in Instagram with the product listing , in just a couple of weeks
  • The campaign is generating great PR for Botnlife.

Twitter -

Less content with drastic output this how the story evolves –

Shape us the fact with passion -

  • Twitter replies using huge post cards and answer customer service highlighting new efforts on Twitter
  • Smart little post used to create buzz around the network.


It has shows some good hands so far -

Key Notes -

  • Visually diverse
  • Indispensible to brands they represent, or feature
  • Sensitive to consumers’ needs and desires
  • Informative and practical
  • Original

Integrating the Latest Social Trends

Pinterest, created pinboards to showcase its library of content and inspire the vast community. On the Pinterest boards, visitors and followers can view new and popular items, as well as follow with similar tastes.


  • 78% increase in shared content.
  • Pinterest accounts for 56% of shares to social networks.
  • 62 % growth in social referral traffic after 2 months.


Successfully positioned and attracted clients through its presence.