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Xantatech offers high functionality and customized APIs

Xantatech programmers and developers are experts in the generation of highly customized APIs to facilitate efficient integrations and plugins for your service interfaces of diversity. We have facilitated diversity of ready platforms as for sales, shipping, payments and other authentic protocols that form the intrinsic part of your business orientations at the web. Get the max of functionality to suit and synergize your demands and tasks of diverse complexities through our API development expertise.

We deliver customized as also OS specific APIs to generate a viable dynamism to offer fluent data integrations and transfers through smart and secure protocols that make the applications wholly safe and robust too. Having delivered for innumerable web enabled e-storefronts and enterprises, we have proven credits of fine experience to make out the best and matching APIs for your orientation.  

Our expert service as for development of APIs is offered for the following –  

  • Online SAAS and cloud – cloud is a burgeoning matrix of applications in it. We offer APIs that secure seamless integration with these through fine auto plugins and otherwise.
  • Social networking applications’ integrations including analytics –we deliver APIs directed at connecting with the social bases in a buoyant manner. You can bank upon our APIs development skills to have the best interface with the emergent social enthusiasms and also generate effective real time leads and analytics.
  • Google APIs –make your web page Google friendly by offering seamless and fluent integration with the Google apps like the Gmaps, Google search, analytics, YouTube and others.
  • Payment mechanisms – synergize your e storefronts and e commerce portals with real time payment gateways that are secure and fail proof. Multi currency payment integration is facilitated by our APIs.
  • Shipping gateways –we generate resonant APIs to generate fluent shipping and auto queuing for the secured transactions at your storefront and sales interfaces.
  • Travel and hospitality interfaces – we have developed finely juxtaposed consonances for synergizing the travel and hospitality sectors so that the seekers can have fluent interfacing as for booking and database interactions.
  • SMS integration passages – auto generation of SMS including SMS marketing and feedback development through the users’ bases is offered.
  • Data integration – we offer custom APIs to connect in real time with your databases of diversity so that your information remains up to date and ready to be utilized.

Allow us to deliver functionalities to your initiatives and orientations. You will definitely feel the difference!

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