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Client Testimonials

"Hi! this is a Canada based online pharmacy company yearning to deliver medicines worldwide. We couldn’t have realized our dream without support from Xantatech. They have played great role in re-designing our website and advertising campaigns. Thanks Xantatech. Keep up your excellent work."

~FLenn Mark (USA)

"I want to thank Xantatech from bottom of my heart. I have been able to increase sales revenue due to marketing applications developed by Xantatech. I am getting more orders online than other suppliers are getting from everyday shoppers."

~Eiden Green (UK)

"Xantatech provide an excellent service at a price that is sustainable. They are able to support global businesses with a wide range of outsourced IT consultancy services that are first class, and would require significant investment to facilitate in-house. Ankit Kumar is a delight to deal with, he has an exceptional understanding of technical requirements and successfully manages projects from start to finish."

~Ollie Cox (USA)

"The AFP Consortium consists of major tech firms such as IBM, HP, Xerox, Kodak, Ricoh, Canon and Oracle, with 32 member companies in all, focused on developing standards for very high speed, high volume production printing. As President, when we found a need to update our website, I turned to Ankit Kumar at Xantatech. With Ankit as our contact, the Xantatech team delivered to our goals in an efficient and timely manner. Following initial consultation Xantatech developed a "mock-up" enabling us to evaluate and converge on a final design. Once we gave the "green light" implementation was swift and reliable. Ankit made communications easy and has been responsive to a tee. Throughout the process and with all our follow-on needs, Xantatech has proven very capable

I recommend considering Xantatech for your web development needs."

~Harry Lewis (USA)

"It's been a real pleasure working with Xantatech this year. They have lifted a weight off our shoulders with a number of key titles and we really appreciate all the help and support Ankit, Shubham, Tara & Sunny have given to us.. Highly Recommended..."

~Lorenzo Matthews (England)

"Sam was very good at explaining things & guiding me where required,& just got on with the job in hand.  Charming, courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient, even though it was a length session it was a wonderful experience, thanks to you Sam. The results are remarkable, I am more than satisfied. Regards, John Scally"

~John Scally (Combodia)

"I was very pleased with my experience with Xantatech. Charu's team of developper is very skillful. They did everything I wanted even though I changed my mind several times! Charu is a great communicator. She replies quickly and always gives constructive information. Her priority is to build great relationships with her clients and I could feel that. I had the choice between several companies and I am very glad I chose Xantatech."

~Gregory Berge (uk)

"Xantatech is one of the most reliable and supportive IT consultants I have ever used. They provide IT support to my business and they never fail to deliver exceptional service. They convey not only admirable content expertise but their client service and ability to build relationships is outstanding. Highly commend them to any dealing; large or small"

~Paula (China)

What I appreciate the most is your customer relation and rapid responses to bugs even after the work is delivered. Continue like that and we are certain to continue working with you. Thank you

~Efuet Atem (USA)

"We have been overjoyed with the service and support that has been constantly provided by Xantatech. They are exceedingly approachable and proficient and we look forward to a long association with Xantatech."

~Paul (Singapore)

"It was very nice working together with the Xantatech company. If they´re working on a project they are very attentive and the customer and his needs are the main part. The cooperation with Sumeet Chawla in our project was very good. If we had any changes then it was done very quick and the communication was very good. "

~Damaris Kolb (UK)

"Xantatech Wow & Ankit Superb and fantastic. I would like to thank whole team to put the dreams to live and site sales increased to 300%. Highly Highly recommended. Reach Xantatech to woo your site development and marketing needs."

~Priyanka Yadav (India)

"We wanted to run a SEO and SMO campaign for our online Jewelry shop. In fact, we keep changing the plans on daily basis. Xantatech was able to keep pace with our daily changing demands. It was an amazing job by Xantatech to support us according to our needs. We want to thank the whole Xantatech staff to help us in our online promotion and overall sales."

~Mike (London)

"Xantatech had been very responsive in their work. Cross-national boundaries were not an issue for delivering high-quality work. The web development team was very professional in completing their work within specified time. We would love to have long term association with Xantatech."

~Danny (Singapore)

"Hi! this is a Canada based online pharmacy company yearning to deliver medicines worldwide. We couldn't have realized our dream without support from Xantatech. They have played great role in re-designing our website and advertising campaigns. Thanks Xantatech. Keep up your excellent work."

~Bulent (Germany)

"We wanted a mobile application for our Toyz shopping portal where in people can order for toys from their smart phones. The company head described every feature he wanted in the app to Xantatech representative. The development team was very efficient and specialized in developing the application. Thanks to Xantatech for helping us and increasing our sales."

~Aydin (Turkey)

"We are an Australian company offering insurance comparison to our visitors. We wanted an Australia based web developer to design our website. However, looking at low charges of Xantatech, we offered our website project to Xantatech. Never thought that, Xantatech will be able to develop a website covering every itsy-bitsy detail of Australian insurance companies in such a beautiful way. Hats off to Xantatech."

~Manny (Canada)

"I have been very pleased to call for the services of Xantatech teams and Mr Ankit Kumar and to work with them for reshaping the website of our law firm. I very much appreciated their reactivity and their determination to do their best and meet their clients' expectations."

~Guy de Cordes (france)

"I was hesitant to offer my web development project to Xantatech. But the way they have delivered a high quality work within the tight deadlines, my trust in online web developers have increased especially Xantatech. I appreciate Xantatech for their skillful web development and designing team. Their fees are also very low. It left me wondering."

~Jim (Switzerland)

"I am very thankful to Xantatech for being more than responsible and dexterous in their web developing work. They have charged a reasonable fee and remain very polite during interactions. My heart goes out for Xantatech professionals and I am going to assign them some more projects in near future."

~Ron (Australia)