SEO Strategies for 2017 – What is Awaiting?
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SEO Strategies for 2017 – What is Awaiting?

Welcome to 2017 – A New Year Means New Beginnings! It feels like only yesterday we were making our flutters on what was awaiting SEO in 2017.

But can you believe, it’s already January passed, and now we were in February! And now it’s the right time for planning, budgeting and strategizing to earn more success for your business in 2017.

As a business owner, you might already understand the importance of SEO and now we’re going to discuss on how to re-strategize your business goals to stay beyond your competitors.

Here’s a Few Interesting Fact on “What Our Digital Marketing Team Think for 2017?”

✅ 92/100 SEO experts give the top rating for code level SEO.

✅ 84/100 SEO experts suggested second rating for content marketing.

✅ 76/100 SEO experts give the third rating for mobile speed.

✅ 52/100 SEO experts consider SMO followers as a big factor in SEO.

✅ 50/100 SEO experts are agreed to consider influencer marketing as a major factor in SEO.

✅ 44/100 SEO experts are agreed to consider link building a big factor in SEO.

✅ 36/100 SEO experts are agreed to consider Schema Markup a big factor in SEO.

✅ 26/100 SEO experts are agreed to consider User reviews a big factor in SEO.

✅ 12/100 SEO experts are agreed to consider AMP a big factor in SEO.

✅ 10/100 SEO experts are agreed to consider Domain Age a big factor in SEO.

“Let Us Now Discuss “Top SEO Trends for Your New Year’s Resolution”


Trend #1 – Migrate to HTTPS


We might think that Google recommends migrating HTTP to HTTPS only for the below reason: Data sent over HTTPS is secured using Transport Layer Security Protocol (TLS), which provides a three layer protection i.e. Encryption, Data Integrity, and Authentication. But Google identifies several reasons to switch to HTTPS in their website migration guide. There are other benefits also include higher Google ranking, prevent malware injections, popups triggering software installs etc.

Trend #2 – Optimize for Mobile Users

Optimize for Mobile Users

Make your website mobile friendly! In a recent study, it has been stated nearly 80% adults now have a smartphone and the average time spent on a mobile device was 1.85 hours per day. So making your website mobile friendly can boosts your ranking and also will increase the chance of converting visitors into customers. Learn from HTML canvas tutorial to make your work easy. 

Trend #3 – Focus on Long Tail Keywords

Focus on Long Tail Keywords

Getting the keywords ranked in SERP’s can be a deal breaker! Before performing a keyword research, you have to understand what the searcher will type on Google if they wish to buy your service/product. You need to be aware of the fact that “A small variations in keyword can mean real changes in searcher intent and also can make or break your business goals”

Trend #4 – Make Your Site Super-Fast

Make Your Site Super-Fast

Studies show website users will abandon a page if they have to wait more than 6-10 seconds. Cut down on all unnecessary information on your website and make your customers satisfied with super-loading pages. Check your website speed & problems with google page speed insights tool.

Trend #5 – CTR and User Experience

CTR and User Experience

Implementing schema and rich snippet will help you to increase your CTR rate and user experiences. Remember, Google gives very much importance to CTR. The higher CTR rate you have and the more user experience your website receives, and the higher the Google rankings.

The above mentioned are the most expected and result oriented SEO strategies for 2017 that are expected to improve the rankings of your website before the first semester. So why wait? Implement all these and get ready to boost up your SEO game.

Now I want to hear from you! What are the advanced SEO techniques and strategies you are using in 2017? Share your comments below!

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