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Xantatech - UX/UI Design  Agency, Noida, India 

At present, companies have recognized that if they provide the customer best experience on their IT applications then it will help them in their business. Design is quite an extensive term. When it comes to the UX and UI design then we have number of different responsibilities that need to be taken care of. Every business needs its design according to its nature and we have a range of areas from industrial design, to printing, to technical range that may need designs uniquely and it makes this task more challenging. But you need not worry, at Xantatech we have experts for this. At Xantatech we will provide you the best solution for your business according to your needs.

Fresh Experience

If you want to connect to the world with your website or application then user interface is the path through which the world connects with your website or application. A commanding user interface creates a connection among the human brain and the digital product. Whether you are upgrading an existing website or want to create a new one, our Xantatech team can team up with you to build a fresh experience.

Thought to Release

At Xantatech we will start with UI work, and we can rapidly start the front-end design and back-end development. As we know UI planning is the biggest task, so we design in context of implementation, by keeping modern technology in mind. We do it quickly and efficiently because we do it with you from thought level to its release.

Wire framing

Xantatech considers preparation and lays the basis for a successful interface at all levels. Our team creates graceful layout. This procedure starts from quick and simple layouts and ends with wide-ranging wire framing for each screen, in our layout or yours.


Our UX analysis provides a qualitative analysis, bearing in mind insubstantial power and flaws. Our ending statement starts with left-brain analytics to recognize all of the troubles as we get ready for right-brain encouragement and illustrations. In the end, we provide a fresh user experience that is not only artistic, but conceptual for avoiding and solving the troubles.


Every step of UI design is improved from first to last human testing. For a easy interface, response from a few folks may give plenty imminent to improve the user experience. In more difficult circumstances, our team is organized to provide wide-ranging testing, illustrating a number of UI testing methods to recognize solutions before putting this live.

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