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In the times, where information is being bombarded onto us using various techniques and principles for harnessing the attention, it becomes crucial to present the content in a manner that is both appealing and useful for the customer. Content Marketing is a trend that engages the customers and sells them knowledge and expertise to attract their attention and trust in the business.

Content marketing is a medium through which a company persuades a customer to be compelled to purchase a service or a product that shows mutual benefit and also provides smart insights to pick from the choices available.

At Xantatech, we understand that content marketing enables you to showcase your business, in a comprehensive manner, to the customers and it has to be a helpful guide to spread the popularity, credibility and authority in the competitive market.


Executives at Xantatech are highly experienced and passionate consultants who use their talent to create inspiring, innovative and resourceful content to influence the target customers. Our team dedicatedly works towards producing high quality contents with strategic and result oriented approach.

Xantatech thoroughly believes in personalized and effective interaction with the clients to establish a relationship of trust and value. Our team of talented designers interacts with our clients to harness their idea of the business and collectively help to analyze the content strategy and target customers. The desired idea and scope is then efficiently mapped and a brainstorming goes into producing it in the most appealing and interesting format.

Our team not only focuses on the content but the scheduling, outreach and promotion that is desirably shared among the information platforms. We value client satisfaction and build our relationship on shared philosophies and mutual benefits. Thus, we are constantly upgrading to better practices and research thoroughly on the finest trends in the industry to plan, create and popularize the content material.

We put in our best efforts to present quality and delightful content that makes our clients proud of choosing us. If you are looking for these qualities and performance that is applaudable, your search should end at us.

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Xantatech Highlights

  • Give a perfect voice to your brand with Xantatech a marketing and communications agency. With an experience of 10 years, the agency exudes fabulous clientele, great market knowledge as well as possesses the capacity to deliver outstanding marketing expertise.

  • The service catalogue includes provision key marketing and communications services like Marketing Strategy, Crisis Management, Campaign Advertising, Online, Events and Seminars, Promotions, Social networking and iSparkle – making deep-rooted changes. As a leading agency, we are well versed with the necessary skills.

  • We believe in doing our homework to thoroughly study all the market parameters before building the marketing strategies. Extensive market study is conducted to gather knowledge about the demographics and behavior of the potential customer. Such information is very crucial for the creation a successful marketing campaign.

  • Each marketing campaign has different purpose, agenda, planning and unique marketing mix requirements based on the kind of product. Xantatech closely studies your brand to comprehend the key objectives of the campaign.

  • Xantatechworks as co-pilots with the clients to collectively work towards achieving common goals. It has the capability to create a successful 360-degree marketing campaign. A marketing campaign by Xantatech comprises of a series of activities that are strategically planned to promote a product or a brand. This is aholistic process that includes employment of numerous marketing channels with a perfect combination of marketing mix tools to reach out to the desired potential customers. Meticulous preparation and scheduling goes into building an effective campaign.

  • The process begins with the understanding of the market position and goes to recognizing the target message to be communicated and a desired response is forecasted and eventually ends with complete details of every word of the messages used in advertisements.