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Xantatech-Digital is a leading marketing and communication agency that can assist in every aspect of marketing communications. It has a whooping experience of 10 years with a fabulous repertoire of work comprising avant-garde clientele. Marketing automation is a digital tool that can be used effectively as a brilliant marketing tool to reach out to the desired audience.


  • It a very complicated procedure and Xantatech-Digital can undertake it with great aplomb. Generally speaking, marketing automation is widely used software that is employed extensively to allow the marketers to buy and sell the target products to earn loyal customer base as well as improve the market base by adding new customers.


  • In the recent time, marketing automation has gained momentum and become a popular demand among companies. It provides a platform for the manufacturers to be directly in touch with the customers.


  • Xantatech Digital has the capacity, skills and advanced technology to impart spectacular marketing automation. The state-of-the-art technology available at Xantatech guides them through this process with panache. Exclusively designed marketing software are used effective marketing on multiple distinct channels.


  • When employed effectually, marketing automation has the capability of generating increasing sales for the brand. Usually it is adopted for business-to-business (B2B) marketing but off late it has began playing a role in longer sales cycle of business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing as well.


  • Through marketing automation, Xantatech-Digital intends to reach out to the target customers with the right message and at the right time. In this marketing process, first all the prospects are thoroughly scored on the basis of their activities and then campaign message is shared with them via emails or other digital channels.


Marketing automation initiates by spreading awareness and nurturing interest works all the way through to the final sale. Through marketing automation, Xantatech aspires to establish a dexterous stage for the clients to make a direct sale.

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Xantatech Highlights

  • Give a perfect voice to your brand with Xantatech a marketing and communications agency. With an experience of 10 years, the agency exudes fabulous clientele, great market knowledge as well as possesses the capacity to deliver outstanding marketing expertise.

  • The service catalogue includes provision key marketing and communications services like Marketing Strategy, Crisis Management, Campaign Advertising, Online, Events and Seminars, Promotions, Social networking and iSparkle – making deep-rooted changes. As a leading agency, we are well versed with the necessary skills.

  • We believe in doing our homework to thoroughly study all the market parameters before building the marketing strategies. Extensive market study is conducted to gather knowledge about the demographics and behavior of the potential customer. Such information is very crucial for the creation a successful marketing campaign.

  • Each marketing campaign has different purpose, agenda, planning and unique marketing mix requirements based on the kind of product. Xantatech closely studies your brand to comprehend the key objectives of the campaign.

  • Xantatechworks as co-pilots with the clients to collectively work towards achieving common goals. It has the capability to create a successful 360-degree marketing campaign. A marketing campaign by Xantatech comprises of a series of activities that are strategically planned to promote a product or a brand. This is aholistic process that includes employment of numerous marketing channels with a perfect combination of marketing mix tools to reach out to the desired potential customers. Meticulous preparation and scheduling goes into building an effective campaign.

  • The process begins with the understanding of the market position and goes to recognizing the target message to be communicated and a desired response is forecasted and eventually ends with complete details of every word of the messages used in advertisements.