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Prolific SEO Efforts Way Beyond Keywords:

Everyone aims apex positions during the Google searches and all of our SEO professionals direct a range of efforts towards such rank oriented goals. Besides, our insightful digital marketing analysts also make sure that your top-notch position should also pave a way for the huge amount of traffic towards your website and which should also guarantee tons of revenues to be earned at the end of the day. 

The Process We Adhere To:

Over the years, we have nurtured our own trusted SEO efforts for the purpose of prolific, finely tuned and truly a rank oriented SEO process. Such efforts are always targeted to drive loads of traffic towards the main website from prominent search engines of the world, like Google, Yahoo and Bing to name a few. However, our principle SEO methodology has been promulgated to fulfill the following major objectives of the business group:

  • Determine Your Audience: In the  initial stages of our bespoke SEO campaigns, it should always be identified  as to who are present at the receiving end of the business dealings or who would be the exact beneficiaries of your services, since they would be the ones who would pay for your services and a business would generate revenues from them. 
  • Identify Keywords: Researching and identifying keywords is the act of immense significance, as keywords (or main phrases, which lead web traffic) should be properly specified, re-searched, agreed upon and should be properly juxtaposed with appropriate frequency during the final draft of the website content. 
  • Selection of Most Suitable SEO Campaign Alternative: After getting to know about the exact audience base and tapping their preference and taste, who would be at the receiving end of our business, we would promote proficient SEO efforts to meet the end business goals and to generate rich web traffic in an ever promising way.
  • Regular SEO Audit Checks: Every possible effort is undertaken to comply with main Webmasters Guidelines and then our experienced IT engineers hunt for newer ways to get the portal optimized, such as coding to check, screening the speed of web page loading speed, reviewing the micro-data, exceptional content management, and moderate keyword density among other notable activities.
  • Supreme Content Optimization: As is a widely regarded fact that prolific content is a widely sought after virtue for an integrated portal, in a bid to drive a huge web traffic towards the target website. Besides, there should also be placed keywords inside the relishing website content, but in an artful way, while the whole of the content should be interesting and appealing enough to lure and to further engage the general audience who simply tumbl upon your portal, over the otherwise sprawling internet. 
  • Comprehensive Link Analysis: Legitimate links are the main driving force behind every website Authority as far as search engines are concerned. As such, other than the remaining useful SEO strategies, proficient link building is ensured in the most white-hat SEO manner, in a bid to promulgate the target website ahead among others in the race. Besides, the efforts are also being targeted to improve the visibility of the website during the popular search engine results. 


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  • Give a perfect voice to your brand with Xantatech a marketing and communications agency. With an experience of 10 years, the agency exudes fabulous clientele, great market knowledge as well as possesses the capacity to deliver outstanding marketing expertise.

  • The service catalogue includes provision key marketing and communications services like Marketing Strategy, Crisis Management, Campaign Advertising, Online, Events and Seminars, Promotions, Social networking and iSparkle – making deep-rooted changes. As a leading agency, we are well versed with the necessary skills.

  • We believe in doing our homework to thoroughly study all the market parameters before building the marketing strategies. Extensive market study is conducted to gather knowledge about the demographics and behavior of the potential customer. Such information is very crucial for the creation a successful marketing campaign.

  • Each marketing campaign has different purpose, agenda, planning and unique marketing mix requirements based on the kind of product. Xantatech closely studies your brand to comprehend the key objectives of the campaign.

  • Xantatechworks as co-pilots with the clients to collectively work towards achieving common goals. It has the capability to create a successful 360-degree marketing campaign. A marketing campaign by Xantatech comprises of a series of activities that are strategically planned to promote a product or a brand. This is aholistic process that includes employment of numerous marketing channels with a perfect combination of marketing mix tools to reach out to the desired potential customers. Meticulous preparation and scheduling goes into building an effective campaign.

  • The process begins with the understanding of the market position and goes to recognizing the target message to be communicated and a desired response is forecasted and eventually ends with complete details of every word of the messages used in advertisements.