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Get Here The Tips And Tricks For The Intricate Functions Of Your iOS 8 Phone

Noida, India, 24 April 2014 : Apple has come up with its ever smart OS platform in the form of iOS 8 that has been fancied practically by more than 46% of the iPhones even before the completion of the first week of its launch. The iOS 8 have been hailed as one of the most successful of the Apple’s all previous OS. IOS 8 has many intricate in building functions to the delight of the users that are being discovered by the enthusiastic iPhone geeks around the world.

Here is a list of must know tips and tricks to use in iOS 8 so that you are able to make out the best and optimizing performance out of your iPhone.

Hide photo functions

If you have gone clicking some private or intimate pictures and don’t want those pics to be viewed by any other person, the iOS 8 feature allows for hiding the same through the Photo App. Tap the photo and hold. Then select the ‘hide’ option after which the photo will be kept hidden for a period of 30 days and then automatically deleted from there. However, if you are accessing the cloud services from the iPhone, those hidden pics would be lifted from there; so remain vigilant to remove it from there too.

Medical Id creator

By using this iOS 8 function, you can create your customized medical ID of self that can be accessed through the emergency dialer without getting to unlock your phone through password inputs. This app is pretty significant in that it can be of great use in the emergency conditions like the allergic attack, accident or else. The app would allow for indicating the primary allergies, the medications and other factors of critical importance during the first aid administration for the phone bearer.

The selfie timer functions

IOS 8 has finally delivered the much awaited selfie timer function that was absent in the previous launches and was otherwise offered on the other OS platforms. The iOS 8 allows the timer setting of 3 seconds to 10 seconds, so that the perfect selfies are captured for every occasion. Also the timer function is available for Burst Mode that will take the 10 successive shots and the best could be picked from those.

You can turn off newly introduced predictive text function

Predictive text is the new entrant to the array of features that Apple has offered on its iOS. The Quick Type feature aids in predicting the text upon sensing the writing style of the user. However, this function is not a necessary, incumbent for the iPhone user who can turn it off from the settings menu on the iPhone.

App wise battery tracking feature

This is a smart battery tracking function allowed in the iOS 8. Now the anxious users could actually find out the reason for why they have to go for charging their iPhone so often! The battery track feature presents the app wise break up of the battery usage characteristics for a time period of the past 24 hours or past 7 days.

Make your screen gray scale

This is a not so smart feature as it is unique in itself and could be cherished now and then as a personal fancy by the i Phone user. The rational justification for turning your display into the dual tone black and white mode could be the power saving and enhancing the screen life, but this is truly contradictory to the Apple’s much touted highly vibrant multi million color display in its devices. Anyway, fanciful user could go gray scale through – setting – general – accessibility – vision section – Grayscale navigation in the i Phone settings.

Touch ID available for apps now

While Touch ID was there on the iPhone 5s, but this time more apps like Evernote, iPassword, Amazon has been brought under it to do away with the passwords and pin.

Add your card number automatically while shopping

If you are shopping through Safari on your iPhone, there is no need to enter the credit card number manually. Just use the ‘scan credit card’ feature to take a picture of your card and number gets entered!

Send multiple video and photos from the Message app

The iOS 8 Message App allows you to send multiple photos and video from the Photo Library and send it from there.

There are of course more tricks that could unlock functions of your iPhone. Just go browsing those and share it with other iPhone geeks!


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